Whipped Butter & Temperature

As you can see from the amazing ingredient lists for our whipped shea and hair butters, we have chosen not to add any harmful synthetic chemicals to our products. As a result, our delicate, natural whipped butters might be sensitive to temperature changes. 

In extreme cold, your semi-soft whipped butter might harden up. Simply let it come to room temperature, and you can enjoy the soothing properties of the butter on your skin or hair as usual. 

In hot temperatures, your butter might soften up quite a bit, and may even melt. Not to worry! Melting is a natural reaction to heat, and we have not and will not add any pthalates, petroleum based oils or waxes, or other additives to our products in order to stop this natural process. 

Sadly, we don't have any control over shipping and delivery conditions, but we can guarantee that your whipped butters will have the same healing, soothing, and nourishing properties no matter the temperature. Please, however, be aware that under hot conditions which might arise during shipping in warmer climates, the air bubbles that were so lovingly whipped into your butters may collapse, leading to a slightly less souffle-like consistency. 

We ship with Cool Shield packaging from mid-April to late September, which provides a great barrier from the heat and preserves your butter's texture quite well. But, that is only effective for a certain amount of time. The relentless summer heat can still melt your butters if they are allowed to sit outside for an extended time after delivery, or not kept in a cool area once inside your house.

We suggest that you have your butters delivered to an address where you know they will not sit outside or in hot temperatures for an extended amount of time once dropped off; check your USPS tracking information so that you know your expected delivery date and can take it inside in a timely manner; and if all of that fails (life is crazy, and the unexpected could always happen!), here are the easy steps to restoring your butters to their whipped, fluffy state:

  1. Transfer the product into a metal or ceramic bowl and mix it vigorously with a fork or a whisk.
  2. Cover the bowl and let it sit until the product solidifies again. Or, to save time, you can place it in the refrigerator or the freezer until it hardens, but check it ofen so it doesn't freeze or get too hard!
  3. Whip it on high with a hand mixer until it's fluffy again, then transfer back to the jar. 




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